Cold Chain Solutions

Cold chain solutions form an integral part of the Bombay Golden India portfolio of services. We cater to the requirements of our business and corporate customers by extending specialized services to manage supply chains for perishable products.

Our cold chain solutions offer the right kind of temperature control for perishable goods suppliers or food manufacturing companies. Some of the benefits of investing in our cold chain solution portfolio include:

  • Access to validated services that offer optimal distribution of sensitive products from one location to another along the supply chain
  • High-quality standards that meet compliance requirements of some of the most prominent authorities in the domain
  • Fully capable technology and tool support to resolve all possible challenges during the execution of temperature-sensitive logistics operations
  • Strong corporate presence in multiple locations and a continually expanding fleet of carriers to make sure your business needs are fulfilled every time.Our integrated cold chain solutions enable transportation and distribution of your packaged products under the right conditions of temperature control. Customization is central to our service delivery and our knowledgeable consultants ensure that our customers are equipped with the right knowledge and resources to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.