Inventory Management

Bombay Golden India specializes in helping corporations successfully overcome challenges related to management of their inventory. We devise creative approaches to inventory management to help you address your business problems proficiently. Our core portfolio of service in the realm of inventory management includes the following:

• We employ calculated approaches to meet the needs of dynamic demand and supply scenarios for businesses. Our process design concentrates on all aspects of inventory management including overstocking or stock-outs.

• We cover aspects of the external business environment from geographical constraints, the disparity in inventory from different suppliers, and changing laws and regulations based on the region of business operation.

• Our simple and effective inventory management solutions ensure that your business customers are able to track inventory through a usable interface. Reporting capabilities integrated into inventory management solutions ensure that your management receives the right information for timely and effective decision-making.

• Our inventory management solutions are fully customizable to your business needs. We serve a number of different customer profiles from manufacturers and wholesalers to service providers and producers of perishable goods.

Businesses benefit immensely from our customizable portfolio of inventory management solutions, in the form better processes for data entry, calculations, order management, taxation compliance and optimal management of demand and supply.