Material Handling Equipment

Bombay Golden India offers material handling equipment in the form of a broad spectrum of products to meet the needs of its customers. Our offerings in terms of material handling equipment are mainly concentrated around forklift and hydra machines, tow trucks and hand pallets.
  1. Forklift & Hydra Machines - We supply superior quality forklift and hydra machines to maximize your operational performance at affordable costs. We offer a wide selection of capacities and specifications to cater to your business needs and ensure compliance with the standards of trade in your area.
  2. Tow Trucks - Our tow trucks are highly safe and allow transportation of goods over long distances. They offer large capacities from two to four tons and are designed with the best aspects of ergonomics and comfort for the driver. Bombay Golden India offers compact tow trucks. Comprehensive controls and stability incorporated into the design of our tow trucks ensure the efficient distribution of products even when carrying large quantities of materials and heavy loads.
  3. Hand Pallets - Our customizable hand pallet trucks enable you to carry out a wide range of tasks in material handling. You can efficiently execute key tasks including simple loading and unloading, stacking products, order picking and horizontal transport. Bombay Golden India offers hand pallets that are designed to move your products with a high level of safety and ease. Our hand pallets are available in both manual and electronic operation mode, require minimal energy at startup, and are capable of holding up to three tons of goods.