Plant Handling

Bombay Golden India delivers the most advanced equipment and machinery backed by the most efficient processes and most contemporary technology. Our service offerings are both dependable and safe. Plant handling services by Bombay Golden India are designed with strategic insight to help you achieve business targets with a high level of profitability and efficiency.

Our comprehensive approach in the plant handling area is devised to cover all aspects of the manufacturing and production system:

  • We help your business manage resources required for smooth operations and equipment required for production purposes. We also help manage complex storage systems, devise methods for equipment handling and deliver solutions for managing employees.
  • Our solutions are energy efficient and reliable, helping your business expend minimal resources for maximum gains. Our services are also backed by viable initiatives focused on protection of the environment.
  • Our service offerings are highly flexible, and we enable your businesses to achieve a high degree of automation and flexibility for your products. Our solutions are modular and capable of integrating seamlessly with your existing business processes.


We offer the following specialized services for all size businesses:

  1. Manpower solutions – Bombay Golden India possesses the most qualified employee profiles with a diverse skillset. Our manpower is capable of achieving high operational efficiencies with the help of the right assessments. We follow the highest standards in safety and operations.