Supply Chain Solutions

Bombay Golden India as a leader in full cycle supply chain solutions addresses the requirements of its business customers through unmatched expertise and resources. We engage highly qualified professionals, coupled with decades of experience and high-quality domain expertise to bring about transformational services in the area of supply chain solutions.

We offer a range of advantages to our customers as outlined below:

  • Cost savings through innovative approaches to management of freight in the region of their choice. Customers engage with us for long-term commitments, helping enable and expand economic possibilities in the region.
  • Our solutions create sophisticated supply chains irrespective of the presence and reach of your business operations. We provide services in the form of customized implementation and optimal consultation to ensure that your inventory, lead time and costing is positively affected

Our supply chain competency is particularly focused on the following specialized services:

  • Just on time solutions– We help manage your stocking requirements through our just in time services. Our range of technologically advanced solutions helps you analyze different aspects of the JIT pull through approach. Eventually, we help your business develop in-depth planning in the supply chain for fully customizable order processing.

Our solutions are guaranteed to deliver solutions that can be easily integrated into your core business function. We have a track record of delivering tangible results for business enterprises in the form of cutting down on costs and improving profit margins considerably.