Third Party Logistics

Our outsourced logistics services ensure optimal movement of resources according to your business needs. Third party logistics (3PL) services available with Bombay Golden India ensure that your supply chain is managed efficiently.

Our decades of experience in managing the logistics of your supply-chain from transportation, warehousing, inventory management, packing, freight forwarding and order fulfillment ensure that your business operation is fully covered.

Our comprehensive 3PL services help you gain a competitive advantage from a number of perspectives:

  • Businesses that opt in for our third party logistics services receive the advantage of shifting the burden of key business aspects such as order fulfillment and warehousing to an expert in the field. Businesses can focus on their core operations and concentrate on offering value-added services to their customers.
  • The most obvious advantage of utilizing our third party logistics services comes in the form of the required human resources and space allocation, fully customized to business needs. Scientific approaches to supply chain management ensure that our third party logistics services help optimize important processes related to inventory forecasting and other logistics processes.
  • Businesses engaged in international trade can rely on our third party logistics for developing the required documentation for cross-border transactions. Our services packages offer important advantages in terms of cutting down on documentation costs and working out the best solution for complicated rules related to international trade.