Third Party Procurement

Bombay Golden India offers third-party procurement services to cover a number of key processes from overseeing all aspects of creating sales orders, purchase orders, invoice and final billing to consumers. We specialize in simplifying the procurement process for our corporate customers, enabling them with extensive toolsets to benchmark performance, plan strategically and choose the best suppliers to deal with and negotiate.

Our procurement assistance helps cut down on your internal costs, and obtain a competitive advantage in a short time frame. Some of the key benefits offered by our third-party procurement services include:

  • Immediate benefits in terms of low overall costs, supplier and contract management through professional insight
  • Access to strategic recommendations for all size organizations, including those without a dedicated competency for procurement activities
  • Deployment of both direct and indirect procurement services, tailored to the requirements of your operational domain
  • Advanced analytical services to assess real-time opportunities and analyze spending for a nominal fee

Procurement is generally classified as a non-strategic core function. However, the optimal management of procurement activities by Bombay Golden India, a seasoned procurement service provider, results in better management practices, timely fulfillment of orders and overall optimization of the supply chain.