Bombay Golden India offers dedicated warehousing services for businesses. Our warehouses are built based on state-of-the-art infrastructure and are fully secure. We provide the most effective surveillance systems supported by 24 hours security and dedicated electronic devices to ensure the highest level of safety.

Some of the most sought after features of warehouses available with Bombay Golden India include:

  • Fully automated warehousing solutions, which are responsive to ensure the best possible and most efficient inventory management
  • Secure systems for complete protection of your inventory round the clock, on all seven days in a week and throughout the year
  • Temperature controlled storage to enable a wide range of inventory units based on the operational domain of your business

Our warehousing services are designed to add value to your business. Bombay Golden India undertakes strategic initiatives to understand the warehousing requirements of businesses in great detail before offering the most cost-effective and viable solution for your warehousing needs.

Bombay Golden India has a track record of helping its business customers achieve a high level of accuracy for their warehouse inventory. Our solutions help introduce automation at the right time in the business process, thereby reducing the need for manual labor. In this way, we help your business achieve cost efficiencies and greater control of your inventory across business units.